Leisure natural reservation Cheile Turzii

We can choose to go through the marked tourist routes in the area which can be a good option for an active day of rest or we can visit a series of interesting places such as:

- Cheile Turenilor - located nearby, very interesting from a landscape point of view and where we can find over 100 climbing routes.

- Ciucas Waterfall

- Roman Camp (in Turda)

- The Turda salt pans, former salt mines that have interesting salt formations.

Another climbing area, nearby, is the one from Lita Fortress, located in the valley of the Leri Valley.

Tyroline in the Turzii Gorges

Cheile Turzii Zipline

Length: 600m
Difference in level: 100m
Speed: 80-100km/h
Maximum weight: 120kg
Over 75kg required

Turda-Cheile Turzii races with the Merry Train

The Happy Express route starts from Turda (the main entrance to the Central Park), passes through Mihai Viteazu, the Cheilor Turzii plateau and ends at Cheile Turzii. A one-way journey takes about 45 minutes.

The train will leave Turda Central Park at 10.00, 13.00 and 16.00.