Camping in the Cheile Turzii nature reserve

Camping can be done in the meadows at the entrance to Cheile Turzii, near the Cheile Tuzii chalet or at the exit from Chei, towards Petrestii de Jos village.

We can find here a pleasant ambiance away from the large influx of tourists who come to the quays at the weekend, the possibility of camping in a closed perimeter.

Camping is prohibited on the territory of Cheile Turzii Nature Reserve.


Water sources:

Drinking water - near Cheile Turzii Chalet, bar and water from the drinking water network, also the terrace on the camping plateau (see photo gallery below).

The only permanent spring at the key path is the Key Sip located in their middle part. It has a variable flow, very low during dry periods, and water is difficult to collect due to its runoff on the rock surface. The water supply can be made at the boarding houses upstream of the quays.


The nearest source of supply is in the village of Cheia about 2km. in the immediate vicinity of the bridge over the river Aries, where you can find food, bread, water, juices, drinks, sausages, others. In the same store you will find personalized products Cheile Turzii, see the section To buy.

In Petrestii de Jos, Mihai Viteazu commune or Cornesti village there are several small shops where you can buy food. You can also buy fresh and quality agricultural products from the locals of Cheia village.