Useful info

Useful information in the Cheile Turzii nature reserve

What you need to know or do when visiting the Turzii Gorges, where you can dine or how you should be dressed to fully enjoy the visit to the gorge without any incidents.

To visit the Cheilor Turzii gorge you need to be equipped with shoes with a profiled sole (not smooth) to prevent slipping and to have at hand: blouse / coat for worse weather, container with drinking water, backpack (not bag) for different items that will leave your hands free. There are narrow areas of the path that pass over the rock and where a metal rope is placed for support where a lot of ATTENTION is needed.

The route of the gorge falls to a low to medium degree of difficulty.

Where is the Mountain Rescue?

The location of the mountain rescue point Cheile Turzii is in the area of the arranged parking lot with crossing over the Hasdatelor valley bridge and it is signaled by a "SALVAMONT" sign callable at no. 112 (unique alarm number); O-SALVAMONT 0725826668 (dispatched Cluj), 0746-057.687(Rescue Cluj)

How much does it cost to visit the Cheile Turzii gorge?

In season (May-September) the tariffs for visiting the natural reservation Cheile Turzii are the following:
- children (under 14 years old) 4 RON
- adults 6 RON

Visiting the gorge is not charged in the off-season. The point where the payment is made is located on the path, after the first bridge in the gorge, ie 200-300 m from the cottage.

Where can I go?

In the spring-summer-autumn period there are several public catering units like this
- on the upper plateau (Straja area), before descending into the Gorges on the forest road there are several kiosks that sell drinks, packaged food, Kurtos Kalacs, sometimes boiled corn
- on the lower plateau (camping area) at the end of the forest road there is a covered wooden terrace where you can dine, here you can serve small, grilled meat, french fries, stews, juices, alcoholic beverages and ice cream
- Cheile Turzii Chalet terrace which is in the immediate vicinity of the chalet where drinks can be served, ice cream, soups are prepared, small / grilled meat / french fries, other garnishes. Also here there is and is open a kiosk where you can buy ice cream, snacks, chocolate, wafers, juices, water, others, ..

Where do I find water?

There is a source of drinking water 200 m from the beginning of the forest road from the Cheile Turzii chalet. The second source of water is at the level of the path inside the keys called the Sipotul Keilor located in their middle part. It has a variable flow, very low during dry periods, and water is difficult to collect due to its runoff on the rock surface.
Drinking water can also be found on the terrace of Cabana Cheile Turzii and on the terrace on the plateau, the camping area - see the photo gallery below.

Where can I stop?

Near the Cheile Turzii chalet and the related terrace there is a place with concrete tables and chairs, where you can rest and dine in the shade as well as a children's slide, the terraces mentioned above, the camping area, other beautiful places near the Hajdate stream. .

Where can I camp?

Tents or caravans can be set up on the lower plateau at the end of the paved road that descends into the Gorge.

Where can I leave the car

There is parking up on the plateau, before the descent on the paved road, currently free of charge.
Paid parking, down after you have descended the paved road, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the gorge of the keys.

Parking fee for 24h:
- cars - 10 lei / 24 h
- caravans - 30 lei
- minibus - 30 lei
- coach - 70 lei

What's the weather like?

The temperature in the Turzii Gorges area and especially in the gorge is 2-6 degrees lower than in Turda. Generally, both upper and lower plateaus circulate air currents with a lower or higher speed depending on the weather. Inside the gorge the atmosphere is humid and cool and in many places the path that crosses the gorge is wet / wet due to water leaks from various springs on the slopes.

How do I dress?

To visit the nature reserve (through the gorge) you need to wear appropriate clothing for the season, even in summer we recommend the existence of a warm spare blouse especially for the coldest and for children - due to humidity and drafts. Regarding footwear, it is advisable to have: sports shoes with a profiled sole, sneakers, shoes with a profiled sole (not smooth), boots or mountain boots to pass safely over the most dangerous areas - rocky path, wet areas, access to caves .