Caves – Turzii Gorges

In the Cheile Turzii area are known over 60 caves, niches or arcades (remains of some collapsed caves), almost all of small size (only 8 exceed 20 m in length, the largest reaching 120 m)

But there is one that is 120 meters long. Perhaps the best known, "Great Fortress" Cave ("Balica's Cave") is located near bridge no. 4, on the right side of Hasdate Valley. name given to a local outlaw, Nicolae Balica , a participant two hundred years ago in a revolt against Austrian rule and who hid here for a while.

Calastar Cave from the highest point of the gorges, Sandulestilor Hill , advances about 100 m to a wide sinkhole. From it we turn right on a narrow path about 40 m down to the cave. Also from here you can reach the Sandulesti Cross on the summit.

Grota lui Hill - one of the most spectacular mountaineering trails in the Turzii Gorges and runs through one of the most beautiful formations of these gorges, the natural portal called Grota lui Hill after the name of a shepherd who died here.

This cave is located between the Crow Wall and the Pigeon Wall at a height of about 150 meters.