Rules of the mountain in reserve Turda Gorges

    Rules to follow on the mountain:
  • Announce to the chalets the departure of the route and find out about the route you have to follow.
  • Get started early.
  • Dose your strengths and follow the rules of diet effort.
  • It is good to go only on the marked routes, in case you need help.
  • Be careful where you camp, Camp only in the permitted places, when digging ditches around the tent you will not destroy the plants
  • Do not cut trees in any way to warm yourself or make a campfire, there are quite a lot of fallen wood in the forest.
    According to the law, wood fires are prohibited within the nature reserve.

    Rules to follow on the mountain:
  • Protect any plant, even if it seems to be just a useless weed. Maybe it's a plant that doesn't exist anywhere else.
  • Leave your dog at home or if this is not possible, keep him on a leash at all times, so as not to disturb wild animals and their puppies.
  • Protect living things from the waters of the Reservation if you do not wash with soap or detergent.
  • Protect your animals, even if some of them seem harmful or dangerous. For example, we don't kill snakes, we just avoid them. Make sure they don't try to catch us.
  • In order to be useful to others, leave as you find them: the marking signs, the arrows and the marking poles, the signposts, the refuges and other tourist facilities.
  • In order not to pollute, not to disturb the animals and not to destroy the vegetation, on the routes of the Reservation will not be used motorized means, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc). Bicycles are not allowed on tourist paths, but only on public roads outside the Reservation.
  • In order to have the chance to see the animals that live here, we walk on the route in silence, without shouting and throwing stones. In the mountains, in nature, they will not use our CD player, cassette player or radio. We better replace them with binoculars, a camera and a flashlight. They will be of more use to us, and our luggage will be easier.
  • Refuges and mountain shelters are meant to provide shelter for those caught in bad weather, they are not suitable places for fun and terror.
  • Have respect and care for nature, do not spoil what you can not easily repair, The place where you are formed over several hundred years, to store in the container waste, even biodegradable.
  • Always, but always be properly equipped. Many accidents in the mountains happen out of ignorance and convenience.

For those who go to the mountains for the first time, a great mountaineer, Mr. Dinu Mititeanu, makes some suggestions regarding the mountain equipment. Recommended: tracking boots, backpack, raincoat or raincoat, snow guards (winter), cotton or polartec t-shirts, warm sweater, long pants, cotton / wool socks, gloves and hat, flashlight.

Optional: sunglasses (mandatory in winter), leggings (summer), binoculars, shorts, primus.

Contraindicated: Shoes, sandals, slippers, nets, bags, purses, umbrella, T-shirts, socks and polyester body clothes.

For all this we greet you and say goodbye!